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The widely known stones of all are none other than the Kidney stones. Well, It is famously known to be the most painful stones of all an individual can have. One cannot compare it to any other pain a body suffers. It is said that when a woman gives birth to a baby, she experiences an immense and severe pain. Kidney stones are equivalent to a mother giving birth to four babies.

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It is so severe. And it is common too. If you ask a woman who has already given a birth and has suffered from the pain of pain of kidney stone, what she prefers, she would say that she would prefer to give birth to four more babies than to suffer from the pain of kidney stone. It is that painful. You will find many of them in your friends and family circles who are suffering from kidney stones. It is mostly hereditary but at other times it hugely depends on the diet that you are taking. Also, hygiene while preparing food is something that matters a lot.

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Kidney Stones

It is usually men in the age bar of the forties who get kidney stones. However, women and younger age group can also suffer from this pain. If your diet has huge amount sodium in it, you are likely to get hit by this pain. Lack of water in your body and a high protein diet are also some of the known causes of kidney stones.

This was all on the dark side. The bright side says that you need not take medications thoroughly because kidney stones can be get rid of by following the proper diet and by bringing a change in your lifestyle. You will have to drink a lot of water. A huge amount of water is required for your body. Drink as much as you can. Carry a bottle of water wherever you go. It will be a great help. If you want you might add some lemon in it and have it. Small meat portions are also known to be helpful for such severe kidney pains.

Lets now discuss the food that you should avoid. Don’t make tomatoes, brinjals and other such vegetables and foods that contain seeds a part of your diet. Having such foods will only increase the chances of forming more stones in your body. Sodium, as mentioned earlier should be a big NO when it comes to choosing a diet for kidney stone sufferers. This includes food like soy sauce, hot dog, corned beef, mustard, bratwurst, ham and similar foods.

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In some cases, the pain is unbearable. Hence, the patient has to take injections. Voveran is the injection which is given to the patients suffering from unbearable kidney stone pains. It is very effective in reducing the pain. You should immediately run to the nearest hospital whenever such pain occurs to you and get these injections. Even doctors recommend these injections for kidney stone pains. It is indeed a very strong injection, useful for severe body pains.