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Well, Porn has always been the most secret thing which youths and even old men keep with themselves. Every second person in this world has watched porn once in their lives. It is mostly the men who are used to watching it. They form the greatest chunk in the people who watch porn. There are even men who are porn addicts. They cannot live without porn even for a single day. Studies have shown that such porn addicts usually don’t perform well when it comes to actually get physical with their partners.

Watching porn becomes important and while only watching it, they use up all their excitement. They fantasize more while watching and when they get a chance to prove themselves, they somewhere fail. They don’t get excited. They don’t present themselves well and suffer from erectile dysfunction. They don’t get that thrilling feeling while intercourse. This is because you are already filling your appetite while watching porn and so you don’t have any zeal and hunger left to actually get inside your partner. In Online Market There Are Many Penis Enlargement Pills Available in uae.

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Porn addicts, as per studies, are likely to go limp. In this study, 312 men, between the age of 20 to 40 were surveyed. There was a clinic in San Diego where these men came up with their intimacy issues. Some said they suffer from erectile dysfunction, some said they have a very low sex drive and for some, their sex life was not rewarding.



When asked about their fantasies and dreams regarding sex, some of them said that they preferred masturbating while watching porn to actually getting involved in a sexual intercourse. However, there is a statistical relationship between watching porn and having a sexual intercourse.

In the demography of the above study, there were very few chances of men having erectile dysfunction the cause of which is organic, meaning natural. Pornography was the main reason for many of them behind being present in the clinic. But, the issue is much bigger.

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Watching porn is just like taking drugs. Like you get addicted to drugs to increase your tolerance power of all the pains and finally go numb, similarly, you watch porn and search for more and more arousing images in order to increase your tolerance power for the time of actual sexual encounters. When you have such sexual encounters, you become less responsive. This may explain the issue of erectile dysfunction in young men. This is the reason many men prefer pornography over actual sexual encounters.

Addiction to porn forces men to fantasize unrealistic pleasures in their lives because they are not able to meet up to the expectations in their real-life sex encounters. VigRx Plus UAE For Good Sex Life Many People are Using This Herbal Medicine. They feel that they would perform in a similar way with their parent and when they are unable to do it, they get anxious.

The answer to the question, “Am I a porn addict?” can be given only by you. You know it well when and how frequently you watch porn and if you do watch, to what extent you fantasize; do you masturbate or not. Only you can answer and find a solution to it.