Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Treatment

An erection involves brain, nervous, hormones, muscles and circulatory systems. These systems work together to fill the erectile tissue in the penis with blood. A man with erectile dysfunction is not able to get or maintain the erection while having intercourse. Some are completely ED and not able to get an erection ever. Other have troubles of maintaining the erection for more than a short time.

There are many possible causes of ED. As ED is durable so you need to consult a good doctor why you are facing the issue. Nowadays it is found that Erectile dysfunction is caused mainly in adult person than the older person. I can understand having Erectile dysfunction makes you feel uncomfortable and shy to talk with other. But believe in a survey it is found almost every man go through disorder once in a life. As Erectile dysfunction can harm you relation gives you stress, unsatisfied sex. So it important to get treatment for ED.

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Causes of Erectile dysfunction before getting the treatment it is better to know about the causes. So go to a health advisor explain him about the problem so that can able to get the erection better. A doctor gave advice you to go for certain tests.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Lifestyle: Nowadays it is very common in youngsters that they drink alcohol, having an addiction to smoke and drugs which harm their brain, as a result, they fail to get the erection. As brains fail to send the message to nerve to start to flow blood to get an erection.

Obesity: Everything become so robotic that there is no need do to any physical activity as result person are gaining weight. So, a man who is suffering from the problem of obesity has to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

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Psychological cause: It has been seen the person having any relationship issue are also suffering from ED. Earlier it may be short term but later it can cause big and serious erectile dysfunction. Due to relationship failure, the man may not get the erection or maybe not that excited to get the erection.

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The feeling of erection come from a mind. So if the person is going through any depression and anxiety can interfere with that process. One major sign of depression is withdrawal from the things that once brought pleasure, including sexual intercourse.  Stress can be of anything like official or related to money or job or relationship problems.

The Erectile dysfunction is totally curable you need to consult a doctor. However, some of the ways are mentioned below:

A decrease in weight- Gyming or the little bit of physical activity may help you to reduce weight and it may resolve a Problem of Erectile Dysfunction which caused due to weight gain.

Relationship problems:  The problems between and your partner need to sort out so that you feel the excitement and ready to perform with her.

Medication: In a market, you will see many kinds of Man Enhancement Supplements and they are also free from any kind of side effects you can use these to get the better result.

Vacuum device: Vacuum devices are used to get erection

Surgery: when a doctor feels all other treatment has done and still not treated doctor asked for penile implants.